Where's Hara | About

Who we are?

We're a platform connecting pet owners and aiding in the safe return of lost pets.

" Shortly after I was rescued, I got so excited at the park, I sprinted in each direction at least 3 times & found myself lost and trapped! My owner eventually found me. But I was scared and afraid of being alone again. We developed Where's Hara for all the my furry friends and their owners "


More about Where's Hara

1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime. 10 million pets get lost every year. Without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home. Where's Hara reunites pets with their owners every month.

"A few days after just adopting Hara, it was scary to think that I've just lost him! I was terrified that something bad had happened when I heard him whimpering but couldn't locate him. I began to Google certain keywords, hoping to find help. And to my surprise, there was nothing that accomplished what I needed.

After about 40 minutes of searching and calling for Hara aka playing Marko Polo, I finally located him. He had fallen down a ditch and was afraid to move. "

My situation turned out better than most. Where's Hara was founded with one thing in mind. Community. In any other Neighborhood or Community you watch out for one another, share news, hangout, etc. This is the foundation our platform is built upon. We're like a mix between a Facebook and Craigslist, and we're all free!